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About us at the Walls Club. The idea for a Social Club for the employees of Walls Ice Cream Factory began back in 1959/60 when dances were often held in the factory canteen.

The Walls Social Club opened in 1964 with just a Main Hall and Bar Area. For many years, the Walls Sports and Social Club remained the focal point for the social activities of the Factory employees and their families. In 2000, there was a large reorganisation at the Wall’s Factory and after this took place this had a very large impact on the Club. The business needed to try and adapt quickly to the reduction in Unilever employees, opening its facilities to the local community.

With times changing Walls club becomes a Ltd company in 2009 and managed by a board of directors with past and present Unilever employees who give up their time to ensure the Clubs survival and that the facilities are available to the local community. Today the club is open to the general   and is thriving in difficult times for the industry and the economy.

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The Wall’s Club is a well known name, and a popular choice in Gloucester. We have 62 years of experience in events and still counting, during more difficult times we are pleased we can still open the doors and provide you the perfect venue space. 

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